Poems Inspired by Purity Ring’s album, Shrines (Pt.1)

Only rarely have I heard music that completely compels me to write about what I feel while listening. For me, listening to music is about appreciating the person’s effort and enjoying their interpretation of their own creativity, and its a momentous day when someone else’ artistic product moves me enough to create myself as a branch off of their base. Purity Ring’s album Shrines has done that for me, not just one song, but every single track. The reason is partially because of the wide open and large sound, but also the bizarre and (at times) nonsense lyrics, which don’t give the song a clear “this is what this song is about” feeling to it.

This is the first time I’ve ever done anything remotely like this, so I completely understand if this is a dumb/poorly executed/bad idea. If so, or its the opposite, I really would love to hear what you, the reader, has to say about it. If I receive positive feedback and people want to read/hear more, then I will post the other poems and the songs that accompany them.

1) Crawlersout

Your list grows like a beanstalk in a fantasy land
And with it, your formally thick-skin begets silk
The more you’re afraid of, the less you live
Spiders, sinners, anything that spins too fast or shouts too loud
No music, audio cavities too delicate
Replacing your eyelids with shutters, nothing gets by you

Pulse constantly quickening
Syllables spill out in triplicate
Self-destrucction at its finest)
Breathing in fumes of tainted lungs near by
Life restrictions tightened by self-imposed alienation
Just to keep crawlers, and fellows out

And it keeps us distant
Just how you like it

2) Fineshrine

Ear pressed to the floorboards
Every vibration rattling the bones that construct you
Flesh rising off sincere sinew and tender tendons
The quarries of cappillaries and nerve pools line the edges ’round you
Each pulse and wave of feeling washing over me, from you

In between us, our intentions mingle
You crack open your skin and bone
Make like Superman and spread
Revealing bursting light and amazement, you cover me
I rest in your chest, a lover’s hibernation
Footsteps boom throughout this flooded house
In-sync with your heartbeat, I wander throughout you
Through our residential lovescape

3) Ungirthed

Echoed voices of jubilation lace your throat
A low glow emitted from in between the rubbery tower of cartilage
The prospect of opening your maw produces a grin
Weakening your defenses against the fiery excitement
Just like The Cave of Wonders, without the feline features

A howitzer of happiness, erupting sans malice
Dug out trenches becoming cavernous and stunning
Who can we thank for this?
A druid or monk, gangbanger named Julius
Fluid pumped intravenous improving our lives with no mal-effects
Rushing to my ears and out past mucous


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